Sacramento Welding Needs

Sacramento Welding Needs. Let’s talk about industrial gas needs in Sacramento.  By doing so, we at Harris Gas, can share some of the gas services we provide through our Citrus Heights, Auburn, Nevada City and Sparks, Nevada.  We will both pure and mixed gases and will never be limited by the quantity required for your job.

Our fill plan has been around for over 75 years.  We are a family here and only employee the most informed and knowledgeable employees.  Customer service means the world to us.  Whether we are providing welding supplies Sacramento or taking care of all of your industrial gas needs, our customers are put first.  

We take our role in providing the necessary welding supplies Sacramento and medical and industrial gas needs very seriously.  That is why we have become excited and active members of the Industrial Gas Suppliers Alliance.  Some of the uses for industrial gas are Auto malls, supermarkets, florists, fabricators, restaurants, hydroponic gardeners, pet stores and more.  

We have a long list of gases that are regularly stocked, but your special orders can be filled by calling one of your stores (you’ll get a person, never a recording).  The Sacramento region is in great need of welding supplies and industrial gas.  At any time you could get one or more tanks filled with Oxygen, Acetylene, Propylene, Propane, Carbon Dioxide, Argo, Nitrogen, Helium and ever shielding gas and mixes.  Don’t forget we also carry Methane, Hydrogen and OSHA-Grade D and Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen.
This is not the end of our list.  Harris Gas provides the region with any and all Medical gases to those who need them for their labs, factories, or any other purpose.  Our customers are medical facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, home medical companies, etc..  If there are any medical gas needs, and welding supplies needs, in Sacramento, then Harris Gas is the number one provider in your area.

Sacramento Welding Needs

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