Shortage of Professional Welders

Shortage of Professional Welders

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Domestically and internationally there is a significant labor shortage in the area of professional welding. There is a shortage of certified, educated, qualified, and highly-skilled welders. Having professional welders available is key to any industrial and commercial project and without them, many projects would be impossible to complete. The average welder in the United States is 54 years old which means the vast majority of trained welders are going to retire within the next decade. So, what do we do now? How are we going to get more qualified welders in the workforce, ready for any job presented to them? The answer might be in the Australian Naval Shipbuilding Program. Let’s take a look at Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding College and Weld Australia.

These two institutions are collaborating to create a national shipbuilding welding education and training competency framework. According to an executive of the Naval Shipbuilding Institute, “Our common goal is advancing the progress of the welding skills required by the Naval Shipbuilding Program” and to “work together to develop an evolving and consistent national education and training competency framework.” Through this program, Australia hopes to deliver education and training models that support both the needs of the defense industry and those of Australian welders. 

Taking Australia’s case into consideration, one way to increase the number of qualified welders in the workforce is to create specific programs that will educate and train young welders. Such programs will encourage and support those looking to enter the industry. Having more reputable welding educational programs is one way to help with the shortage of qualified welders. Australia recognizes the high demand for welders and has taken action steps that the rest of the world should follow.  

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