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Your Sacramento Welding Supplier

Your Sacramento Welding Supplier Since 1936, the family firm of Harris Gases has supplied the Greater Sacramento region with industrial, medical and specialty gases as well as popular brands of welding equipment and supplies. The firm strives to give personal attention to its customer’s names and needs and have today become known as the largest independent...
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Welding Safely for Professionals and Beginners

Welding Safely for Professionals and Beginners Being too familiar with a piece of equipment or a particular task can sometimes lead to mistakes and injury; the same applies in a welding environment. Therefore, follow the rules of safety and be aware of the potential for personal damage at all times. Dealing with high temperatures and Ultra...
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Welding Needs for Melting Metal

Welding Needs for Melting Metal No matter if you are a professional artisan or someone just starting their welding and fabricating experience, like any other specialized trade, there are some tools and supplies that are needed for general use in the world of melting metal. Beginning with the basic foundation is a rolling welding cart that...
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