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Miller Welding Supplies

Miller Electric offers some of the most sought after welding equipment available, and we have an excellent selection here at HARRIS INDUSTRIAL GASES—Sacramento’s premier shop for welding supplies.

HARRIS GAS has been the number one supplier of welding equipment in the greater Sacramento area, and unlike other shops...

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Controlled welding environment Sacramento

Controlled welding environment Sacramento As and when excellent welding quality is needed, the dry hyperbaric technique  welding is usually selected with the equipment required from Miller welders. The reason for this choice is that it provides greater control over the job, due to it being situated within a dry enclosure and includes applications related to pre...
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Welding as a Career

Welding is generally utilized on a similar basis across most industries; therefore, welders are fortunate to have the flexibility to follow the fluctuating demands in any particular industry. Specialists, such as Lincoln Welders, keep up-to-date on the latest supplies and equipment available, along with the shifting scenarios related to the demand for welders...

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Techniques in Underwater Welding

Underwater welding has played an important part in the welding trade for many years. “Wet” welding, can be characterized as work completed in open water, while “hyperbaric” welding is either carried out in a dry and specially designed pressure enclosure or in open water. Miller Welders has the supplies and specialists for all...

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