Monthly Archives: January 2016

Who is using what in welding supplies?

welding Miller Welders safetyWhile it is not possible to determine the exact breakdown regarding techniques used in the majority of welding jobs, the general consensus is between 50% and 70% of plastic welding is completed using the ultrasonic method. This was originally developed during...

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Different Welding Applications

Welding has achieved a unique status in all industrial and associated environments. Simply put, it’s a crucial need! Welding has the versatility to join plastic parts, but certain applications require alternative welding methods. Established providers, like Lincoln Welders, have the expertise to meet the exacting standards their customers require.

Specialist welders are...

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Demand for Skilled Welders

A trend seems to have developed among recent generations towards careers in which appearance plays a major role. The saturation of digital devices and applications has in various respects, discouraged younger generations from careers that are the very fabric of our industry and our society in general, like welding! This has resulted in...

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