5 Essential Welding Supplies

5 Essential Welding Supplies Sacramento Welders Need to Have

Whether you are a beginning or a novice welder you will need to have the necessary welding supplies Sacramento welders use in order to be productive. These are not items you might want to have but rather items that are essential to a growing career in welding or fabricating.

Here are a few essential welding supplies to have in your workshop:

  • Welding cart: A cart is the alternative to a standing welding table however it does offer some benefits. First of all it is a great first project for any beginning welder, often times the first timers build their own. This gives them experience and allows them to make it specific to their needs.
  • Auto Dimming Welding Helmet: These are great because they auto adjust to the bright light of welding at the same time helping you to set up your next joint easier and faster because the mask is already down.
  • Welding Gloves: These gloves are welder specific because they are made from leather and cover your entire hand and most of your forearm. This is for your protection and should not be dismissed as an option. A good pair of welding gloves are crucial.
  • Measuring tools: One mistake you do not want to do is to ‘eyeball’ something when it comes to welding. That is absolutely not an acceptable practice at all. Some different items would include: tape measures, calipers, metal rulers, and metal T-squares.
  • Copper backing plates: These are also referred to as “welder’s helpers” and are a great save for beginners who have a problem burning that thinner metal. Keeping a few of these on your welding cart will definitely help save the day more than once!

This is just fie essentials, there are more. There is always great information found about Miller or Lincoln welders online. Or you can contact the professionals at Harris Gas for more information.

5 Essential Welding Supplies

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