Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders

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Any experienced welder will tell you that there is more to welding than just fusing metals together. Preparing and finishing practices are a huge part of the welding profession as well. A tool that all great welders have that help them with preparing and finishing is an angle grinder. This tool is a handheld power tool with consumable stone discs or blades attached to them. These discs or blades spin at high speeds to cut, grind, and polish all kinds of metals. Today we will be outlining a few of the best angle grinders on the market. 

The Black & Decker BDEG400 is a solid choice as the brand speaks for itself. This grinder comes with a metal gear case that provides more durability and a longer life span compared to others in the market. The BDEG400 comes with a three-position side handle that offers added comfort and better control when working with various metals. Reviewers compliment this product’s lightweight, convenient features, and affordability. 

The Metabo WEV15-125 is specifically known for its grinding and finishing applications. This grinder is unique because its powerful motor comes with an advanced design that optimizes air flow for a cooler run. This allows for longevity in harsher environments and up to 50% more torque. The WEV15-125 is definitely known for heavy-duty work as it is super durable and has proven that it can take on a bigger project than most other grinders. Reviewers compliment this product’s power, outstanding safety features, and quick-change wheels. 

The Makita 9557PBX1 is arguably the best grinder out there. The 9557PBX1 includes extra grinding wheels and brush. This grinder comes with a thick, high-quality cord that protects it against wear. And to top it all off, there is an alternative power source that allows users to change between AC and DC power with a switch located on the side of the motor housing. Reviewers compliment this product’s powerful mid-grade generator, affordability, and great performance. 

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