Best Welding Supplies

Consider the Best Welding Supplies Sacramento has to Offer

Welding can be such a satisfying career and pastime, especially when you know where to get the best welding supplies Sacramento has to offer budding welders. From safety equipment to run of the mill welders and everything in between, Miller Welders seem to have it all. There are a few accessories that every welder from the beginner to the expert will need in order to be safe and enjoy the art of welding.

  • Arcstation Welding Work Bench: Whether you choose to use it in your garage or your shop, a decent welding bench is a must! A good one will offer several different features to make welding more enjoyable for you. Multiple steel tops is a great advantage, so a project can be put to the side while you work on something else. Dust trays on the bottom to allow for easy cleanup when you are done. A tubular frame offers a lightweight design as well as easy portability. Shelves on the undercarriage to allow for tool storage. Adjustable feet on the bottom to level the table in those not so level work areas.

With a suitable arcstation at your disposal your imagination to run wild with accessories in order to be able to complete more complex jobs or just simply to make it a more enjoyable experience. There are separate casters that can be purchased in order to make your arcstation mobile. A side shelf may be a good option, allowing for more storage as well as yet another table top to place an existing project.

One of the best options as far as an accessory would have to be a Miller weld curtain. This is a bifold curtain that attaches to the back of the arcstation to protect the wall and both sides from flying sparks.

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