Must Have Beginners Welding Supplies

Must Have Beginners Welding Supplies

If you are no longer just a do-it-yourselfer but a do-it-yourselfer who wants to know which welding supplies Sacramento beginners truly need and truly do not need; then this blog is for you! It does not matter what your interests are; art, fixing stuff, farmer or a rancher, or even a car aficionado welding can be a great pastime for you. It is recommended that every beginner have a Miller stick welder at the very least.

It is however very important to match a welder to your expertise, knowledge, and reason for use. A stick welder is recommended to most beginners because it is in fact the most popular form of welding known to man. There is no one size fits all to welding, so as you progress your supplies and equipment will need to progress as well.

Almost all beginners are introduced to welding with the stick welder for many reasons. The stick welding process can actually be performed indoors or outdoors and it is pretty simple to learn the basics quickly. Stick welding uses a current of electricity surging from a gap that is actually in between the metal and the actual welding stick. This method is excellent for welding alloys and joints, even if they are dirty or rusty!

With everything of course there are downsides to stick welding as well. There will need to be stick changes performed often and the metals used can be no thinner than 18 gauge. This is however the welder of choice by farmers, handymen, and of course the up and coming artist dabbling in metals works.

When you are serious about buying your first welder or any welding supplies the first place to check out is Harris Gas. We offer equipment, top reviews machines, supplies, and any advice or education you may need along the way.

Must Have Beginners Welding Supplies

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