Providing a wide range of welding products

Providing a wide range of welding products

Looking for a business with a Welding Supplies Sacramento unit? As well as various other products for your next project? A business with experience, expertise, and excellent customer service? Look no further, as Harris Industrial Gases is your one stop shop.

At Harris Industrial Gases we competitively and proudly provide a wide range of products for a wide range of clientele. Be you a medical genius, an expert welder, or a trade student, Harris Industrial Gases can provide you with what you require.

Our first focus is industrial gas equipment. Each gas can be stored and delivered to your specification. Our first class service includes mixing different gases in order to fulfil your requirements, to various sizes and requests. Furthermore, we provide different equipment relating to storage of these gases. Ask in one of our stores to see some of our wide range of supplies.

Related to the provision of industrial gas, is our service providing medical gas, including Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. We make sure that we don’t accidentally swallow any of this gas. However, with our leading customer service, and our ability to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations, it may often seem that we are on some type of gas!

Our other main focus is our Welding Supplies Sacramento unit. Here we provide welding machines, ranging from big to small, as well as budget to quality. If you need a part for your welding machine, or a certain supply relating to welding such as solder, or hose, Harris Industrial Gases is an excellent place to visit and to ask one of friendly staff.

We also care about the safety of our clients, so we haven’t forgotten about the provision of safety equipment. All you need to do is simply visit one of our stores to see our wide range of products and to experience our reputable customer service!

Providing a wide range of welding products

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