Ways to Improve Your Stick Welding Skills

Ways to Improve Your Stick Welding Skills

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According to Miller Electric, stick welding is an effective method for welding most alloys or joints and can be used indoors and outdoors or in drafty areas. Stick welding is the most economical welding method and provides the ability to create an effective bond on rusty or dirty metals. That being said, there are many skills that you need in order to do stick welding effectively and safely. Today, we will be going over 3 ways that you can improve your stick welding skills.

Pay Attention to Your Welding Speed:

Beginners often go way too fast and rush through their work. In stick welding, travel speed is very important and if you go too fast it could result in poor penetration and the possible formation of pinholes or porosity. On the other hand, going too slow could result in overlap or what is known as cold lap. This is when there is a lack of penetration. You must find the right speed that is not too fast but also not too slow. Pay attention, practice, and ask mentors as finding the right speed is no easy task.

Know Your Machine:

AC-only welding machines have no other polarity choices. AC-only welding machines have electrons in the current flowing simultaneously. DC-only welding machines can opt to weld with either straight polarity or reverse polarity. This means that the electrons in the current will only flow in one direction. AC/DC welding machines both have pros and cons of each setting and it is important that you understand what each machine can and cannot do.

Keep Your Mask, Helmet, and Glasses Clean:

When you are doing any type of welding you must be able to see clearly without any distractions. Wipe your mask, helmet, or glasses often. Keep extra sets of replacement lenses on hand at all times because you will never know when you will need a new one. You do not want your welding experience or the quality of your welds to suffer because you cannot see. Do not underestimate the value of your vision when you weld. Keep your mask, helmet, and glasses clean at all times to perform the best.

Take these tips into consideration and you will be on your way to being the best stick welder that you can be. For more information on welding stay updated here on our monthly blog.

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