Types of Welding

A welders primary job is to join different kinds of metal parts together. Whether it be molding parts for a new office building, joining car parts, or creating a new sculpture for the center of downtown, welders have many different skills and levels of expertise. To break down the different types of welding, outlined below are the two categories that welders most commonly fall into. The categories are arc welding and torch welding.

Arc welders use an electrical arc to melt different materials. They rely on an electrical current to melt various metals and to create a weld. The processes of arc welding typically produce cleaner welds which makes them ideal for auto body work and situations where the cosmetics matter. Because arc welders deal with high voltage regularly, they are more exposed to explosions, but such accidents are rare. Arc welding equipment usually costs more than a typical torch, but the processes and production times tend to be more efficient.  

Torch welding is the more traditional type of welding. Torch welders use an oxyacetylene torch that is used to melt the working material and welding rod. An oxyacetylene torch operates by combining gas and oxygen that generates heat that is capable of cutting and welding metal. Flames produced can reach temperatures of over five thousand degrees. Arc welding has replaced torch welding recently as there are major drawbacks that come with the torch welding method. Torch welding tends to warp metals which leads to a less aesthetically-pleasing joint. Welding lines are rougher in appearance and require more finishing for a neater look. However, benefits include price, simplicity, and portability. The cost of torch welding equipment, as mentioned before, runs a lot cheaper than other rigs such as MIG or TIG ones. Torch welding kits are fairly easy to use, and processes do not require a lot of time. Because of its simplicity in size, torch welding kits and supplies can go around with you almost anywhere for any job.

There are pros and cons to both types of welding but there is no doubt that arc welders and torch welders both have unique skill sets that can help create, design, and shape almost any project. Because of this they act as a valuable resource to all industries. Give us a call or visit our store locations for more information on welding and the welding industry.

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