Propane Tanks

Propane Tanks

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Propane gas has many valuable uses. Propane gas is affordable and efficient if you ever want to heat your home, get hot water, cook, or generate electricity. That being said dealing with propane gas should be taken seriously. Improperly handled propane can cost you your home, or even worse, your life. Here are some important propane tips that you should read before handling propane gas.

Store propane correctly. Do not store portable propane tanks in basements, living spaces, cars, or closed vehicles. Make sure you transport the propane correctly (for tips on how to transport compressed gases safely check out the article posted on this blog in November). If you have never dealt with propane before, do not be afraid to contact a qualified propane service retailer to help you connect tanks to appliances.

You also want to make sure that you are using your propane gas appliances with care. For example, refrain from using propane gas BBQ grills indoors. Do not use propane stoves or ovens for space heating or use portable electric generators indoors. Do not run out of gas. Running out of gas can be hazardous! A serious fire or explosion can result from running out of gas.

If you smell gas or identify a leak, this is an emergency. Immediately extinguish all smoking materials and open flames. Clear everyone out of the area where you suspect the gas is leaking. Make sure you turn off the gas supply valve of your propane tank, only if it is safe to do so. You, of course, can call 911 but you can also contact your propane supplier. To put yourself in the safest position possible, install a propane gas detector. These work just like smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Although propane is easily accessible and used quite often it is still dangerous and needs to be handled seriously. Take these tips into consideration as they will keep you out of trouble.

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