We care about your safety

Harris Industrial Gases – we care about your safety

Construction industry is a tough one to be in. With all the casualties reported on a daily basis, if you are still alive, you are lucky. Today there is a heavy focus on organisational workplace safety. Workplace safety not only consists of planning for emergencies and hazardous situations, but also highlights the importance of procuring the correct safety equipment.

Harris Industrial Gases is an established family business, which stocks a wide range of equipment. One of our focuses is our Welding Supplies Sacramento arm. Here we focus on welding equipment ranging from basic welding supplies, to large welding cutting, and plasma machines. Our staff in the Welding Supplies Sacramento arm also can assist with your requirements and advise on the correct equipment necessary for your project.

With the provision of large equipment such as welding cutting machinery, we place a lot of concern in the safety of our clients. As a result we stock a wide range of safety equipment for multiple uses. This includes protective and high visibility clothing, devices to assist air filtration, as well as various face protection gear. We also highlight the importance of safety devices. Firstly, we realise the various penalties, which are involved if a business does not abide by health and safety procedures; and secondly, the associated health and safety risks which our clients take when using different equipment or supplies from our store.

It’s very common in our modern day workplaces for accidents to occur, which can be prevented. This can range from a something simple such as a solder burn, to a large scale accident involving heavy machinery or careless misuse of welding equipment. At Harris Industrial Gases we provide essential safety equipment to help minimise these risks. Furthermore, our staff can give useful advice in order to become more aware of these potentially life threatening situations.

We care about your safety

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