Safely Working with Compressed Gases

Safely Working with Compressed Gases

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Harris Gas can take care of all of your industrial gas needs. As mentioned on our website’s homepage, we fill pure and mixed gases on site, and we respond to urgent requests much quicker than larger corporate facilities. That being said we want to take the time to provide safety tips for when you are working with dangerous compressed gases.

The first thing we advise you to do is to inspect all incoming cylinders before storing them at your facility. Make sure they are undamaged and properly labelled. Do not accept any cylinders that are defective. Be sure that the cylinders you receive are not giving off odors, visible fumes, or any kind of hissing sounds. It is important to check that the cylinder was last tested within the required time.

When transporting cylinders, whether it be from building to building or from one side of a facility to another, always transport cylinders with valve caps or other valve protectants in place. Do not pull or hold cylinders by their valve caps. Do not roll them on their sides. Do not drag or slide them. The proper way to transport a cylinder is on specifically built hand carts, trolleys, or other devices designed for this. Whatever your transport devices are, they should have some way of securing the cylinder to prevent it from falling.

General precautions should be this:

  • Only trained and authorized people should be allowed into storage areas.
  • Do not overfill the amount of compressed gases in your storage area.
  • Inspect cylinders and storage areas regularly for any deficiencies such as damage, leaks, and poor housekeeping.
  • Identify, note, and correct all deficiencies as soon as possible.

Harris Gas has a long history of working with industrial gases and we want to make sure that all of our customers are informed on the proper safety measures as working with gases can be a dangerous task. Take the time to work safely with industrial gases. Do not take chances. Report things when necessary. Do the right thing by being safe.

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