Steel Art Work

When most people think about steel projects, construction workers on roads, railways, appliances, and buildings probably come to mind. Sure, steel is used on a daily basis on projects like these, however, it can also play a major role in the creation of artwork. Steel has been used for creative projects, sculptures, and other works of art throughout the country.

In Chicago, for example, the Cloud Gate, created by Anish Kapoor, is one of the more famous tourist attractions in the city. Made of stainless steel, it stands 33 feet high and 66 feet wide, and is one of the largest sculptures of its kind. The St. Louis Gateway Arch is the tallest man-made monument in the United States and the largest stainless steel structure in the world.

Steel is practical for these types of creations because it is reliable and easy to use. Designers of smaller projects also prefer steel because it can be used to hold artwork together. Sculptors can weld, then partially melt steel. Once melted, it cools and hardens, allowing the sculptor to join parts together. 

Aside from its versatility and ease of use, steel will provide strength and durability for years in almost any environment. If used properly and creatively, a simple metal like steel can turn into something incredible—the only limitation might be the Sculptor’s imagination.

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