Best Welding Equipment For Beginners

Best Welding Equipment For Beginners

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Welding is a skill that requires lots of knowledge and experience. Becoming a great welder takes years of practice and if you want to get started you will need the right equipment. Different types of welding require different welding equipment. Today we are going to break down the best welders for different kinds of welding for beginners.

The best TIG for beginners is the Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG. This is one of the most user friendly models available. To start any job all users will have to do is switch the unit on, select the type of metal, set the thickness, and they will be ready to begin. This model is unique because beginners will be able to use DC and AC. This allows beginners to weld oxidized metals such as aluminum. This welder is of high quality and great for beginners.

Beginning arc welders will want to go with the Lotos CT520D. This unit is ideal because not only is it easier for beginners to use, but it is also a top rated plasma cutter. This welder comes with an amperage range of 15A to 200A which is wide enough to use for welding most types of steel. This welder only has DC power but it is perfect for neat and efficient stick welding projects.

Last but not least, the best MIG welder for beginners is the Hobart 500559. This welder operates on standard 115v household current and features a 5-position voltage selector to ensure that users have complete control. What makes this welder cool is users can select voltage and wire feed speed. This machine requires rest after 8 minutes of use. This will test beginners’ patience but introduces them to the reality that patience is needed in the welding industry. This durable machine is great for automotive and simple at-home projects. It is of high quality and a great welder to learn with.

All new welders deserve a machine that helps them learn early on. These three will help streamline learning and develop new welders into great professionals. For more information on any of these three welders please reach out to us here at Harris Gas.

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