Humans Over Robots

Humans Over Robots

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The welding industry is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. As new technology, infrastructure, and different markets develop the demand for welders will only increase. That being said, companies are looking for ways to make everything more efficient through the usage of things like robots, AI, and other technology-based machines. There are things that technology can do that humans simply cannot but today we are going to give you a few reasons why technology will never replace humans completely.

First and foremost, AI lacks emotional intelligence. Soft skills like creativity, coaching, influencing, communication, empathy, and team building simply cannot be mimicked by AI. Humans are social animals and achieve connection through chemical and biological interaction. A machine can optimize a project but cannot mentor a young professional and teach the way a human can.

Secondly, humans make AI machines work. The term artificial intelligence means humans design and operate it. Look at the most advanced Miller or Lincoln welders on the market. Thousands of dollars for a machine that is the most technologically advanced welding tool but useless without a person operating it. To say that machines will operate independently and replace humans is not the reality.

Lastly, robots, AI, and technology is designed so humans can work with something to make their job easier. Learn to work with AI, do not fear it. Technology is meant to simply compliment human ability and intelligence, not to compete with it. Welders do not need to fear losing their job because the jobs robots and AI take are limited to repetitive tasks requiring less intense reasoning. Tradesmen like welders are the last people to worry about job security because a machine is only designed for project assistance and cannot out do the knowledge learned through experience and training.

Robots, AI, and technology are tools to help optimize projects. Human jobs will never fully get replaced because a machine will never be able to have our full capabilities.

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