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Most of the time on this blog we market Lincoln and Miller products but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great brands out there. In the past we have focused on the Lincoln and Miller brands but today that changes! Today we’ll take a look at Hypertherm and see what sets their products apart from the others.

To begin, Hypertherm is unique because cutting technology is all they sell. They focus on laser cutters, water jets, plasma cutters and that’s about it. Because of that they consistently outperform the competition in cut quality, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

Their flagship product is their plasma cutter and we believe their best one is the Powermax 45. We say this because it produces 10 to 45 amps which is enough cutting capacity to precision cut 5/8-inch thick steel plates. Along with that it’s designed for industrial use to cut metals in factory environments. The Powermax 45 has dual 240/480 volt power input and has Hypertherm’s Smart Sensor system included for automatic compressed air settings. This product has a torch disable switch for charging torch components. The quick change technology provides rapid reconfiguration of the torch style and tip sizes for clean cuts. The only real downside is that this doesn’t have a CPC port and the initial cost is quite high. Other than that, this is one of the best brands and cutters out there on the market.

The Powermax 45 is just one of many great products that Hypertherm manufactures. They have a passion for challenging what’s achievable with the products that they create, the culture they foster, and the experience they deliver to all customers. Consider Hypertherm for you next cutter and they won’t disappoint.

For more information on Hypertherm or any other welding brands please reach out to us here at Harris Gas.

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