Insight Centerpoint 10

Insight Centerpoint 10

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Every welder knows that Miller Electric is one of the best brands in the industry. They build advanced, solution-focused products that meet crucial needs for welding safety. Their newest product that has recently been released is an updated version of their welding software, Insight Centerpoint. This updated data monitoring software has created much buzz within the industry, and we are here to tell you why. Here are some of the best features that come with the new Insight Centerpoint 10. 

According to Miller Electric’s website the, “Centerpoint 10 is designed for greater ease of use, faster startup time and a drastically shortened learning curve.” More specifically, some of the enhanced capabilities of the software include drag and drop part creation, a centralized database, and job tracking. 

The new drag and drop part creation allows welders to drag and drop into the new Centerpoint media manager. With this new drag and drop feature, welders can create a part completely within the Centerpoint program which eliminates the need to create the part outside of the program and import it in. 

A centralized database allows welders to create new parts and new jobs right from their office. They can deploy the updates to the shop floor without having to go directly to the weld cell, leading to better efficiency while on the job.

The job tracking feature records everything that goes on in a welded product. Everything from base material and filler metal type, all activity will be tracked and recorded into the system. This tracked data can be used to help spark ideas for future projects and help welders remember the configuration of a project that they completed in the past. 

Add these new features to a system that already includes a productivity dashboard, a quality dashboard, a goals dashboard, and analytics tools? Sounds like a system that is hard to beat. The Insight Centerpoint 10 gives welders a competitive advantage. Invest in the Insight Centerpoint 10 and it is promised to simply make your job easier. 

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