Miller Electric: The Best Welders

Miller Electric : The Best Welders

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One of the biggest name brands in the welding industry is Miller Electric. Miller Electric is known for their quality products and product diversity. Though Miller Electric tools tend to be a bit pricier than competitors, Miller tools are promised to last a lot longer than most other brands. At Miller you get what you pay for. Today we will highlight three of Miller Electric’s most popular welding products in 2019 according to Rate My Welder

230V AC 903641:

This welder primarily focuses on the welding basics. This welder is great for basic projects that do not require hardcore features. This Miller welder is an AC arc-welding installation that allows you to get work done easily and efficiently. The duty cycle sits at around 15% but still allows welders to produce high-quality welds with a single pass. For any welder who is just getting started and wants to take their skills to the next level, the 230V AC 903641 is a great option. 

Maxstar TIG welder:

This welder will help you take your welding skills to the professional level. This TIG welder comes with a stick application in addition to the primary TIG welding feature. It offers dual power inputs, giving you the option to have a 120 or a 240 plug-in for the welder. Something to keep in mind is that this is a DC-only welder. If you consider this option, make sure that you match your rods to the machine correctly. 

Multimatic 200:

This welder is one of Miller Electric’s best products. It is portable and users believe that it is the smoothest running MIG arc. Miller has tuned this welder to weld with 100% CO2 like other MIGs do with C75 and it runs with very little splatter. This is a solid multi-process welder from Miller, and you cannot go wrong with this option. The Multimatic 200 comes with 150 amps of power and offers a 12-foot gas hose, a 13-foot stinger, and all of the other features you need to start welding. If you are a welder who does a little bit of everything, you should highly consider this option. 

These are only a few of the great options that are available to you from Miller Electric. For more information on the best Miller Electric supplies, visit Harris Gas! 

For more information on welding supplies visit Harris Gas! 

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