Tips for Welding Instructors

Tips for Welding Instructors

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If you are a certified welding instructor or simply an experienced welder who mentors new welders it is important that you make sure that the trade is passed down to the next generation successfully. To do this you must make sure that you are being the best instructor that you can be. Today we will be highlighting three traits or habits of highly effective welding instructors. 

Be a good listener. Chances are, if you are the one instructing new/young welders, you know all of the ins and outs of the trade. You know everything that there is to know. But remember that the ones you are instructing do not have that knowledge. Be the instructor who cares about what your students have to say. Hear and understand their perspective on different things. By being an active listener, you will create a welcoming culture that pushes students to engage openly with others. Your students will then become more self-directed learners as opposed to passive consumers of information. 

Teach your students more than just the science and techniques of welding. Produce well-rounded and career-oriented professionals by inserting opportunities for students to practice their soft skills. Important skills like professional communication, project management, and flexibility will help students better adapt and evolve in a changing industry. 

Teach your students about the changing industry. Yes, there are manual welding jobs that are always going to be in demand. However, the growing part of the industry is in areas such as robotic welding programmers, technicians, and automated CNC plasma cutters. More organizations are seeking more efficient and productive robotic welding machines for their business processes. The more knowledge your students have about the industry, the better prepared he/she will be as they enter the field. And, if you can, incorporate more lessons and training for technically advanced careers in welding in your curriculum. This will truly put them in the best position to succeed in the industry. 

Use these tips to help you improve your instruction to your students. Using these tips will better the future of the welding industry and produce outstanding ready-to-work welding professionals. 

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