Traits of a Good Welder

Traits of a Good Welder

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Welding is a profession that is complex and complicated. It is not an easy job and can be a dangerous one at times too. Because of this, future welders need to understand the traits that are crucial to finding success in the industry. Outlined below are 3 traits that prospective welders need to have and/or work on, so they are ready for this profession. 

Prospective welders need to be perfectionists. They need to strive for perfection from the very beginning of a project. Of course, there is no perfect fit-up or a perfect weld but working towards perfection is all but necessary. For example, if welders don’t spend the proper time prepping a job, then it will be harder to complete later on down the road. Young welders often have a mentality where they want to cut it and slap it together so they can begin working with the welding tools. This is all but wrong because the students who understand the importance of fit-up not only learn faster, but they also end up being better welders overall. They are become better welders overall because they understand all of the elements that make up a good weld joint, not just the physical act of welding itself. 

Prospective welders also need to have good reading and comprehension skills. This might sound surprising, but part of a welder’s job is to read. Welders need to be able to understand and comprehend things like purchase orders, contract agreements, and customer’s specifications. A good welder has the hands-on skills, but a great welder has hands-on skills and understands the book work and technical side of welding. Young welders who want to eventually become a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) need to have great reading and comprehension skills. 

Last but not least, prospective welders who are looking to prepare for the profession need to be open to all kinds of career paths. From working with low-pressure chilled water lines to welding sheet metal, welders are needed almost everywhere. To meet the demand, trained welders need to have an open mind and always be hungry to learn something new. Having this mindset will only serve as a benefit in the future and help the industry grow going forward. 

Welding is a fun job but can also be very hard. If you are a prospective welder follow these tips and you will be better prepared for what’s ahead. 

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