Vocational Programs Welding

Vocational Programs Welding

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Welding is an example of a trade skill that has given people around the world an opportunity to build a successful career. From manufacturing and construction to industrial maintenance and ship building, welders can be found almost anywhere. Without welders and other tradesmen, many things could not be done. Welders and tradesmen make a great living and jobs are currently in high demand. To meet those demands has been difficult simply because younger generations are not choosing to go into the trade.

This difficulty has been due, in large part, because school systems are not acknowledging the trades as an acceptable alternative for students. Education is powerful and all students should be steered towards getting higher education, agreed. However, school is not for every single child and those children should understand that the trades are a great alternative option where they can find success.

Studies have shown that college graduates earn more over a lifetime than high school graduates. However, there are some weaknesses within those studies. 53% of college graduates are unemployed or under-employed. Income for college graduates vary by major (business students and science students tend to bring the average income up). Lastly, the studies compare college graduates to all high school graduates. If the study only compared the subset of students that graduate with vocational training to college graduates, the comparison would be much different.

Despite the evidence that four-year programs aren’t serving as a benefit to more students, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools are continuing to cut vocational programs. This mindset and lack of support from school authorities needs to be fixed immediately. The smartest investment is not putting all financial resources towards STEM programs but to offer STEM education along side vocational education to convey to students that they can make a good living doing either.

Welding and other trades are in high demand and is a great alternative to higher education. For those who might not want to go to college, they should be supported through early school systems through vocational programs and classes.

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