Welding In Different Industries

Welding In Different Industries

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When someone tells you that they are a welder you probably think they work on projects like high-rise buildings, roads, outdoor construction sites, etc. You are not wrong but you might be surprised to know that welders can also be found in industries like medical devices, aerospace, and energy. Today we will discuss what welders do in different industries.

Medical devices impact human life and therefore there is no margin for error from a quality perspective. Devices cannot be faulty or fail when in use so companies that manufacture those devices have to be perfect. Insert welders. Welders are specialized and detailed by trade. So, for example, many alloys used for medical devices have higher thermal conductivity and/or crack sensitivity. It is a welders job to fabricate and test these devices to keep parts protected from warping and cracking.

Similarly, you can find welders in the aerospace industry all over the place! Most aerospace welders work in prototype fabrication, repair, or overhaul. Prototype fabrication involves creating prototypes of new aircraft and they weld small metals or parts together. Repair welders are in charge of things like welding small cracks and holes in aircraft bodies. Overhaul welders weld directly on aircraft engines. Overhaul welders do things like replace worn parts.

Lastly, welders are very prominent in the energy industry. Whether it is ethanol production, natural gas pipelines, wind and water turbines, solar panels, or nuclear power plants they all require things like massive structures, piping systems, and large holding tanks. That means lots of metal and when there is lots of metal, you need welders! One skill that every segment of the energy industry needs is welding.

Welders have a very unique skillset and can be applied to every industry. Everywhere you look there is probably a welder involved. If you are interested in becoming a welder, know that the opportunities are truly endless.

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