Welding Industry

People looking for steady employment in these unstable times should consider taking a close look at the welding industry. With new technology and machines replacing workers across the globe at an alarming frequency, many industrial workers feel as though their careers are, at best, tenuous. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, suggests the market for qualified welders will increase as much as fifteen percent within the next few years. The reasons for this are varied.

With a welder’s skill set, you have endless career paths to choose from. Welding experience opens up career advancement opportunities to industries, such as engineering, robotics, and project management. Companies are constantly looking for the unique skills of a welder, and you can command substantial salaries while gaining experience in industries you would have never imagined.

As a welder, you could have the opportunity to travel. These welders are known as “Road Warriors.” Road Warriors might be part of a ship building and repair team, working on a research vessel or aircraft carrier while at sea. They get paid good money while traveling and work in an extraordinary environment.

If the sea life does not sound appealing, how about motor sports? NASCAR, and many other nationally televised motor sport teams, hires welders as part of their pit crews. Welding is an important skill in motor sports because everything metal based on the vehicle is custom made. Professional race cars are built from scratch and this requires the knowledge and skill to properly fabricate metals and accurately understand how each piece fits in the overall design. Not every profession has an opportunity to work with professional drivers. It is a career a lot of people would love to be a part of.

Choose the welding industry, and you may be surprised by the career choices that present themselves. So if it’s varied opportunities, job stability, and a stable income you desire, the welding industry might be exactly what you are looking for.

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