Auto Darkening Helmet

Auto Darkening Helmet

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A welder’s helmet is arguably the most important piece of equipment because it protects the eyes from direct contact with fire sparks when the arc is struck. Helmets help prevent things like arc eye and retina burns. Along with that a welder’s helmet also covers the entire face so everything else is protected as well. With that said, there are various kinds of welding helmets on the market and today we are going to highlight the benefits of getting an auto-darkening helmet.

Auto-darkening helmets use what is called an auto-adjusting technique. This allows the lens on the helmet to automatically adjust from light to dark upon detection of light emissions from a welding machine. Most auto-darkening helmets are powered using batteries or solar energy.

Auto-darkening helmets have also proven to give welders better eye protection. A lot of old school welders still only feel comfortable wearing passive welding helmets but auto-darkening helmets guarantee maximum eye protection and protection for the face and neck too. Getting used to auto-darkening helmets does take some time to get comfortable but they are safer overall.

Lastly, auto-darkening helmets more often than not lead to higher-quality welds. This is because with an auto-darkening helmet there is no need to reposition the torch, and fewer bad starts resulting from the reduced head nodding, allowing welders to stay focused. With an auto-darkening helmet welders will enhance productivity, work better in tighter spaces, and have better control of the torch.

Auto-darkening helmets are becoming more popular because welders are beginning to see the great benefits that come with it. Check out Harris Gas’ welding helmets and see which one fits you the best. We are here to help and would love to provide you with your new auto-darkening welding helmet!

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