Aluminum Welding Supplies

Aluminum Welding Supplies Sacramento Experts Need

The welding supplies Sacramento welders use will vary depending on what the technician is actual welding. In the case of welding aluminum there are certain precautions to take in order to maintain safety for everyone available.

One of the main things a novice will look for is the equipment. Before every job is even begun the proper equipment should be in hand. Aluminum is becoming more and more popular in the production of everything from automobiles to general appliances. Even if a person is experienced in steel working, aluminum is a special case.

The changes in welding supplies from steel to aluminum usually involve the following:

Liner and Wire Guides: Steel welders generally use a helically wound liner but for steel this will need to be replaced with nylon of Teflon.

Drive Rolls: Replacing the normally used V shape with a U shape. This keeps all edges smooth and eliminates the need to shave.

Contact Tips: As aluminum expands more than steel when heated make certain the tip has a larger than normal hole. There are contact tips specifically made for aluminum use.

Brake Tension: The tension should be set looser than normal to allow the wire to be pulled from the spool in a more fluid motion.

Gun Cables: When feeding aluminum be certain to keep the gun straight up. This minimizes and often times eliminate the tangling because aluminum becomes so pliable when heated.

The feeding system is crucial, not just any feeding system but the proper one. There are three more common ways in which to feed aluminum wire. Push system, Spool gun, and the Push-Pull system. All of these take great practice and patience and a sense of stability to ensure safety at all times.

If you need help with this method or any other method of welding please contact Harris Gas. They are available to make certain the correct tools are in the right hands.

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