Arc Welding Safety

Arc Welding Safety

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Arc welding is one of the most commonly used forms of welding because they are not only useful but one of the most timesaving pieces of equipment in the industry. There are many different kinds of arc welders but, in general, how to use them safely remains consistent no matter which one you have. Today we are going to go over the best safety tips when using your arc welder.

First and foremost, make sure that when you install your arc welder you have an electrical system that is adequate enough to handle the increased load required. Failure could cause fire, a ground fault, or equipment failure. Make sure the frame is grounded. Make sure a safety-type disconnecting switch or control is located near the machine. Make sure that the welder is properly protected by a fuse or circuit breaker on an independent circuit.

Secondly, you need to make sure that there is enough ventilation. If welding is taking place with non-hazardous material then a ventilation system that will move at least 2000 cubit feet per minute of air per welder is satisfactory. In turn, that number should increase if very hazardous and toxic material is being used. If there is inadequate ventilation, you cannot weld in that area.

Last but not least, you need to have all of the right personal protection. Arc welding is dangerous and people who are not properly protected can and will get injured. From head to toe you need to be covered. Helmets, shields, full sleeves, gloves, pants, safety shoes, the whole bit. Similarly, if you are working in an area with bystanders, make sure they are protected as well. Personal safety equipment is the most important part of arc welding. Get your safety gear before you do anything else.

Arc welding is impactful and efficient but make sure you are doing it right. Take these tips into consideration and you will be off to a great start. For more information, please reach out to us here at Harris Gas.

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