Different Career Options For Welders

Different Career Options For Welders

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If you are a welder, there is no doubt that you enjoy working with your hands and are not afraid to get dirty while doing it. There is something to that. There is something to taking on a project from scratch and doing your very best to get it done right from start to finish. That is what makes welders like you so impressive. Because of the hands-on training, knowledge, and skills that you have, you are equipped to choose various different career paths for yourself. Today we are going to review three welding careers that you may not have thought of.

Ever consider becoming a jeweler? Some of the best jewelers out there have a welding background. As a jeweler you will be working on small pieces of jewelry to either shape them or repair them. Most jewelry that you would be working on will be higher-cost pieces that include precious stones and metals like gold. A pretty cool gig that pays well if you are qualified.

If working on small pieces of jewelry does not sound fitting to you, maybe consider working with bigger equipment. For example, metal and plastic machine workers are welders who set up and operate machines that are responsible for cutting, shaping, and producing both metal and plastic pieces that get used in the construction of a variety of goods that get created in our communities. Think big construction projects like roads, buildings, homes, etc.

Lastly, if you do not want to be so specialized become an assembler or fabricator. In a role like this you would be putting the finishing touches on a variety of consumer goods that we purchase in our daily lives. Think toys, electronic devices, and household goods. You could be working on various different projects at once and could experience how different things are really made.

Long story short, there are so many career options that you can have as a welder. Different industries, different markets, different experiences. Look anywhere and you will be needed.

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