Maintaining Your Welder

Maintaining Your Welder

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Your welder is probably your most important and most expensive piece of equipment. Because of this it is important that you keep it in its best condition. Think of your welder like your car. If you maintain it regularly it will last you longer. If you neglect to maintain it, your welder will not last as long and could be a safety hazard as well. Today we are going to walk you through how to properly maintain your welder.

Electricity is the primary power source for almost all welding processes. The risks that come with electricity include bad injuries and sometimes even death. These risks necessitate regular inspection of all electricity components incorporated in your welder. For example, disconnect all of the power units and vacuum the machine’s interior. Check and clean the wire feeder and drive rolls. Have a technician service the gun and liner assembly annually. Inspect all the electrical cables and look out for cracks and breaks. Doing these things every one to two months will really help your welder’s longevity and it will be much safer to handle.

The next best thing we recommend is to replace something that is broken! After inspection of critical parts, if you see that something is broken, you should replace it before continuing to weld. It is easy to identify a broken part and continue working but running your welder to the ground with broken parts all over the place is no good. Replacement parts are usually easy to find and inexpensive. Do not wait to fix something once you have identified a problem!

Lastly, we advise all welders to invest in a welder that has a good reputation. It is easy to maintain and find replacement parts with welders like Miller and Lincoln. The last thing you want is to have a welder that is unreliable and have to fix it every single time you use it. Get yourself a reliable welder and maintenance will be so much easier.

Take care of your welder and value it as it is your most important piece of equipment. If your welder is happy, your projects will come out sharp and have the best finishes. For more information on welders please visit us at Harris Gas.

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