Miller Lincoln Plasma Cutters

Miller Lincoln Plasma Cutters

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Miller and Lincoln Electric are two manufacturing companies that dominate in the welding industry. Every welder has Miller or Lincoln equipment and both brands have a large selection at all welding retail stores. Their products are known to be reliable, safe, and efficient which makes them compelling to all welders. Today we will be reviewing Miller and Lincoln plasma cutters.

The Lincoln Electric Tomahawk K2807-1 comes with front panel air purge control, a shoulder strap, 10-40 amp output current, and a 3-year warranty. Lincoln designed the Tomahawk series of plasma cutters with top quality internal components, contained in a box on the electronics board and encased in epoxy. The case is ruggedly constructed to take impacts and vibration. The Tomahawk uses a touch start system instead of a high frequency no-touch arc starting to avoid problems with high frequency starts interfering with digital equipment like computers and phones, according to Weld Guru.

The Miller Spectrum 625 comes with dual 110v or 220v power source, 90 PSI pressure, a shoulder strap, duty cycle 60 percent at 40 amps on 240, and a 12-foot torch cable. The Spectrum 625 provides automatic air pressure compensation that dynamically adjusts the pressure according to height and current settings to optimize cutting performance while cutting and gouging. The torch has an ergonomic no-slip design with a thumb guide and contours for finger grip to minimize fatigue, according to Weld Guru.

Whichever machine you choose, you can be sure that you will be getting a well-made plasma cutter. Miller or Lincoln, your job will get done. Harris gas has welding professionals on staff so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of our team members and they will gladly help you with all of your welding needs.

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