Protecting Your Eyes 

Protecting Your Eyes 

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In the welding industry, eye injuries are very common. Welders get eye injuries because they do not wear eye protection, or they do not wear the right kind of protection for the job. To help welders prevent serious eye injuries, here are five of the best goggles in the industry this year. 

Miller Electric Shade 5.0: These are the best safety goggles in the industry. They weigh in at 14.4 ounces. They have a customer-friendly wraparound frame design that ensures a snug fit. It has 99.9% UV protection, meets ANZI Z87.1 standards, and comes with reflective anti-scratch lens coating. The one downside is that the lenses may not be dark enough for arc welding. 

ATHERMAL Shade 10: With these high optical quality goggles welders will get the darkest shade lenses available on the market. These goggles have dimensional stability resistance to radiation, scratch resistance, a grey-green lens color that assures observation without fatigue, replaceable polycarbonate lenses, and a very comfortable fit with adjustable earpieces. The one downside is that it fits very snug to the face and might not fit over regular glasses. 

Jackson 3004761: These goggles have soft-touch templates, 99.9% UV protection, and are CE compliant. They are lightweight and meet the ANZI Z87.1 + Impact standard. The one downside is that they are not suitable for plasma torch or arc welding as they do not offer enough protection peripherally. 

Servore Darkening Goggle Arc-513: With these goggles welders will be able to adjust lens shade levels. Levels can be adjusted in 5 levels from #5 to #13. These goggles have one of the best ergonomic design fits in the market and are shock and heat resistant. 

Bolle 253-SL-40084 Slam Safety Eyewear: These goggles come with non-slip temple tips. They come with 99.9% UVA and UB light absorption. They feature a 2.3mm thick high impact anti-scratch coated polycarbonate lens. The only downside is that the area between the lenses can be prone to easy breakage. 

There are many great goggle brands out there but these five are amongst the most popular within the industry. For more information on goggles and eye safety wear visit us here at Harris Gas. 

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