Welding Gloves 

Welding Gloves 

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Welders work with a lot of heat. Flames, sparks, and smoke are what welders work with on a daily basis. In order to work safely and efficiently welders need the right welding gloves. Welding gloves are different than most working gloves as most of them are made of primarily leather. Leather gives welders a smooth and tough material that will last them for years. Today we will be giving you a list of three of the best leather welding gloves in the market. 

Miller Electric Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Gloves: 

These pair of gloves are known for their heat protection and dexterity. They are made from quality cow split leather and are very flexible. The double insulated layers provide the best heat protection for welders exposed to high heat levels. Welders are also able to move their thumbs easily because of Miller’s wing thumb design. The inside is comfortable as it is lined with wool. This allows for heat protection and comfort. 

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves:

These pair of gloves are best for welders who do more intricate welding work. These gloves fit bigger hands and are longer than standard gloves but are best for small and tedious jobs. These gloves also have great insulation properties as they do a fantastic job of protecting the hands from small spatters. They are also known to be soft so welders can wear them all day without feeling any fatigue. 

NKTM Heat/Wear Resistant Welding Gloves: 

These pair of gloves are arguably the best ones available in the market. They provide more adequate protection against hot metals, sparks, sharp materials, and flames than any other gloves out there. These gloves were designed to breathe and wick sweat away when hands get hot and uncomfortable. They have a cotton liner that is gentle on the hands. They do not feel abrasive so it is easy to wear them for extended hours. The thumb area has a unique wing design that allows for more finger flexibility. The palms of the gloves are reinforced with leather for further heat protection. These gloves are very popular and reliable according to many welders in the industry. 

Stay safe and protect your hands from the heat with the right pair of gloves. For more information on welding gloves please contact us at Harris Gas.


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