Welding Pliers

Welding Pliers

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Pliers are an essential tool that all welders need in order to do their job. Welders use pliers for picking up pieces of metal that are too hot to handle even with gloves on. Some welders use pliers as clamps to hold pieces of metal together. They also use pliers for making clean cuts on all of their projects. Pliers are a multifunctional tool that welders rely on and today we will be reviewing three of the best pliers in the welding market. 

Capri Tools 10110 7.5-inch Premium Welding Pliers: 

With these multifunctional pliers welders will be getting the best bang for their buck. These pliers are great for small hands and nimble work. The grip is durable with a soft texture. These pliers are known for their sharp cutting ability and hardened teeth. One Amazon reviewer said that she has been using these pliers for two and a half years and they are still going strong! 

Channellock 360CB 9-Inch Welding Pliers: 

These are longer than typical welding pliers, but they require less force to cut than traditional high leverage pliers. Current users say that it’s sharp teeth grip steel effectively and cut through wire like thread. These work great for installation and removal of bushings and nozzle. Though a bit pricier, most welders prefer this one over the Capri Tools pliers. 


These pliers are the best in the industry. They are the most comfortable. The cutter has sharp induction-hardened surfaces which cut through gauged MIG wire on the first try. The ends of the plier tips are strong and thin, able to reach into a MIG nozzle to clean out spatter effectively. Amazon reviewers are very satisfied with the quality and say that these are the best MIG pliers they have ever come across. 

Check out these pliers as they are some of the best in the welding industry. For more information on welding tools, stay updated here on our blog. 

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