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Welding Schools

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Welding is a career with plenty of opportunities for employment and the industry continues to grow year after year. Welders can work throughout many different industries including automotive, aerospace, construction, and the military. Entry level welders with minimal experience start pretty low in terms of pay but those with more experience often see an annual salary in the six figures. So, where can you get started? A good place to start is welding school.

The Lincoln Electric Welding School is a trade school that deals only with welding and will prepare you for a successful career in the field. Lincoln Electric is one of the biggest names in welding equipment and their school is no different. At their welding school only well-trained and highly qualified instructors teach. You will get hands on training with expert supervision. After course completion you will get a graduation certificate that carries Lincoln’s respected reputation.

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is also a great option. This school has over 80 years of experience teaching welding. They are a specialty school for welding and they do not teach anything else, which is why their reputation has a global reach. At this school you can finish in less than a year and get your certificate that is accredited by the American Welding Society.

A third place you can check out is The Advanced Welding Institute. Here you will get personalized attention to make sure you have the tools you need to excel at the highest levels. Everyday you will spend eight hours or more in the welding shop that is designed to teach in the most immersive ways possible. Here they offer 15 and 24 week full-time welding programs and certifications from AWS, ASME, and API.

At any of these schools you will get the training and education you need to be competitive in the industry. Welding is not going anywhere and jobs are out there for those who want it.

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