Welding Skills

Welding Skills

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No two jobs are the same. Job requirements vary from industry to industry but what makes employees competitive are their transferable skills. What do we mean? Transferable skills are skills that which may be used in a variety of roles or occupations. A great job that allows you to build transferable skills is welding! Today we are going to highlight the transferable skills that welders learn while on the job.

Welders are great at problem solving, especially when it comes to numbers. Welders constantly do things like calculate dimensions, interpret sketches, read blueprints, and analyze 2-D and 3-D diagrams. The mathematical practice that welders do on a daily basis is significant. Working with numbers to problem solve is a transferable skill that make welders competitive in other roles or occupations.

Welders also pay attention to detail better than most. This is because their job simply requires it. Welders must perform work that requires minimal flaws. They work in somewhat dangerous environments and there is little room for error. One minor error could cause major harm or damage. Their ability to pay attention to detail and do it consistently on the job gives them one of the best life skills out there.

Lastly, welders are great at working with new technologies and tools. Welders simply cannot do their job without understanding how different technologies and tools work. Learning new technology is necessary to help them effectively do their jobs. They are quick studies and know how to keep up with technology that is constantly changing. Their minds are always being challenged and growing on a daily basis.

Welders have transferable skills that most others do not. Welding is a great job for those who want a wholistic education and want to be competitive in other roles and occupations outside the industry. Consider being a welder if you want to gain the best transferable skills that make you a well-rounded employee or candidate!

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