Welcome to Harris Industrial Gases.  

Welcome to Harris Industrial Gases.  

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We are a Fourth-Generation, Family-Owned Business, established in 1936.  Our California stores, in Citrus Heights and Auburn, in addition to our Nevada facilities, in Sparks and McCarran (dba Harris Welding Supply), offer a complete line of welding gases (Oxygen, Argon, Acetylene & CO2), as well as multi-use Industrial Gases like Nitrogen, Helium & Hydrogen.  Our Citrus Heights & McCarran facilities also pump Propane, so we can fill both your BBQ tank and your motorhome LPG tank.  Additionally, we can supply you with the Cryogenic Liguid forms of Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Harris Industrial Gases also specializes in Lab Gases, High-Purity and Special Mixes.  We are a reliable source for EPA Protocol and Certified Mixes blended to the highest standards.  Harris also sells complete lines of high-purity regulators and manifolds from Concoa and Harris Products Group.

Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric are the top brands of welding machines we sell, whether you are welding MIG, TIG or Stick welding.  With our industry pros and product specialist, some of whom have been here 20+ years, we can definitely help you choose the right equipment.  Another exciting process is Plasma Cutting.  We offer top-of-the-line Hypertherm plasma cutters.  These machines will amaze you with their cutting power in such a small package, and—wait for it–they are Made in America!  As for filler metals needed to get the job done, we carry the top industry brands, including Hobart, Lincoln, ESAB, Washington Alloy and Pinnacle Alloys.  

Whether a contractor or just a weekend welder, you’ll find vast expertise within our experienced employees.  We have all the basic needs to make your job easier, including welding helmets by Miller, ESAB, Jackson and Weldcote MetalsPersonal Protective Equipment, such as face shields, hardhats and safety glasses, by Jackson, MSA & Fibre Metal make working at home or on a jobsite a safer place.  We offer Tillman and Revco (Black Stallion) gloves, jackets and leather aprons to protect your hands and clothing.  For your head, choose one of our many Comeaux welding caps. Hearing protection by Moldex, Howard Leight and 3M are also available.  

Need to cut that metal before you start or polish your project for that awesome finish?  Norton, Mercer and Sait/United Abrasives are just three abrasives brands we carry for cutting, grinding and finishing metal.  You’ll also find Dewalt and Metabo grinders, as well as Evolution saws for metal cutting, along with Tenyru blades to fit many different saws.

Victor Equipment and Harris Products Group regulators and flowmeters offer a broad choice for gas control, and Victor Equipment is the industry top pick for welding, cutting and brazing.  Come see our inventory of replacement tips and nozzles, tip cleaners and replacement hoses.

Call ahead or just stop by one of our four locations and give us the opportunity to assist you.


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