Hobart Handler 140

Hobart Handler 140

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Miller and Lincoln are without a doubt two of the best welding equipment brands in the entire industry. But what some people forget is that Hobart is a competitor that gives Miller and Lincoln a run for their money year in and year out. One of Hobart’s most successful welders is their Handler 140. 

The Hobart Handler 140 is among the smallest MIG welders produced by the company. It is highly appropriate for DIY project enthusiasts and homeowners looking to perform small to medium repair and maintenance tasks. The 140 is ready for welding right out of the box and includes a number of accessories including a spool of flux core wire, a 10 foot MIG gun, and a regulator with gas hose. 

Users will be able to easily weld thinner materials including stainless steel, steel, aluminum and with the flux-cored function welders will be able to weld thicker stainless steel or steel materials up to ¼ inch. This handler has a maximum power output of 140A. This offers the duty cycle of 20% at 90amps which is more than enough for almost any household project. This welder competes with the Miller Millermatic 141 and the Lincoln Easy MIG 140. 

This welder is great because it is easy to use for the inexperienced welder but that does not mean that professionals should shy away from it. This handler packs power, it is super reliable and produces quality welds. It has the capabilities that any welder needs, experienced or not. 

The Hobart Handler 140 is a handy machine. It is fairly priced and the lengthy five year warranty guarantees it will serve you for several years without fail. If you are looking for a welder that you can rely on, it is this one. Do not underestimate that quality of Hobart as they have been a great manufacturer for every welder throughout the years. 

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